What is a Tournament?

Anyone with deck can play. There is no registration fee.

1 deck gets you into all tournament events except the final which is run as a ticketed event.

1 deck gets you into all culturecapital tournaments for life.

How does it work?

Anyone with a deck can play in a Tournament. In the Round Robin phase, Players play a minimum of 3 matches and submit their points at the end of each match to the Officers. The Officers feed the scores into the Leaderboard. A the end of the Round Robin, the Players with the top scores on the Leaderboard move into the second around. Players can play more than 3 matches, but they must delete a previous score before replacing it with a new one.


All tournament proceedings are referred by official culturecapital Program Officers.


All culturecapital finals are played in a spectacle showdown style event between the two finalists. Think big sound. Live commentary. And, because we think it’s awesome, the games are played on tables made of flatscreen-TVs. These matches are also live-streamed.

Upcoming OFFICiAL Tournaments + MINIS + DEMOs

DEMO @ Rumble Theatre’s Living Room Series

April 29, vancouver, 2019

Canadian Association for Theatre Research @ UBC

June 4, Vancouver, 2019

Official Vancouver Tournament @ Magnetic North Festival

June 5-9, VANCOUVER, 2019