In culturecapital, there are four Card Types:

Companies, Grants, Projects, and Strategies

Each turn, you play your cards in that order. You play Companies, which allow you to roll for Grants, which allow you to play Projects—and then you play Strategies to shift the values of your Projects and those of your Opponent.

Why strategize to boost the value of your Projects? Because you need strong Projects to take Community Points from your Opponent. And the Player with the highest Community Points wins the game.


We have two great resources for getting reading how to play culturecapital, and we recommend checking both out before getting to your first tournament.

The first is our Video Tutorial Series, which introduces the game and shows you some examples of what playing the game looks like.

The second is our Guidebook, which details the nitty gritty—and features a particularly helpful FAQ section.


Coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy this video instead.