culturecapital events include official tournaments, mini-tournaments and meet-ups, demos, and educational workshops.

What is a Tournament?

Anyone with a deck can play in a Tournament.

There is no registration fee.

ONE deck gets you into all tournament events except the final which is run as a ticketed event.

ONE deck gets you into all culturecapital tournaments for life.

Program Officers

All tournament proceedings are refereed by official culturecapital Program Officers. If you are ever confused as to what to do or there is a dispute between players, you can simply raise your hand and cry, “Program Officer!” And someone will be able to help you.


In the Round Robin phase, Players play a minimum of 3 matches and submit their points at the end of each match to the Program Officers. The Program Officers feed the scores into the Leaderboard. 

At the end of the Round Robin, the Players with the top scores on the Leaderboard move into the second round. 

Players can play more than 3 matches, but they must delete a previous score before replacing it with a new one.


All culturecapital finals are played in a spectacle showdown-style event between the two finalists. Big sound. Live commentary. And, because we think it’s awesome, the games are played on tables made of flatscreen-TVs. These matches are also live-streamed.



DECEMBER 20, 2019 - JANUARY 20, 2020: Dev. residency, LA SERRE & Darling Foundry, Montreal

NOVEMBER 2019: Development residency, Chinook Series, Edmonton

NOVEMBER 2019: Development residency, SummerWorks, Toronto


AUGUST 12 - 14, 2019: SummerWorks Exchange Series, Toronto

JUNE 6, 2019: Magnetic North Theatre Festival Media Demonstration, Vancouver

JUNE 3, 2019: Canadian Association for Theatre Research Praxis Workshop, Vancouver

APRIL 29, 2019: Rumble Theatre's The Living Room. Vancouver

NOVEMBER 19-24, 2018: Impulse Theatre's PEEK-FEST Residency, Victoria

AUGUST 27 - SEPTEMBER 1, 2018: Boca del Lupo's Micro Performance Residency, Vancouver